We understand that many children are apprehensive at the dental office. We strive to provide excellent dental care in the most comfortable setting for your child. We will discuss your concerns, your child’s needs, and what methods may provide the utmost care for your child. We are here to answer all your questions and address your concerns. Together, we will determine how to best care for your child.

Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Sedation “Laughing Gas”

An easy and simple way of helping your child feel comfortable and calm during the dental appointment. Nitrous Oxide is a safe gas that is administered from a mask fitted over your child’s nose. Your child remains awake and responsive throughout the entire procedure. Nitrous Oxide is more successful for children that are only mildly anxious.
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Conscious Sedation

A way of using oral medications to help your child relax without putting him/her to sleep. Conscious sedation is performed using oral medication(s) sometimes in conjunction with nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”). Type of oral sedative and dosage are tailored to your child’s needs and weight. Candidates for this type of sedation include children with extensive dental needs, moderate anxiety, and young age.
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IV Sedation

A way of effectively and comfortably completing dental care while a child is asleep. We may recommend this type of sedation for a child that has severe anxiety with extensive dental needs, or if conscious sedation has failed or is inappropriate. This procedure is done under the care of a specialized Pediatric Anesthesiologist at our office.
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Further Resources for Parents:

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